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Our Work.

The reason why we do, what we do, is simple. We love people. We believe in the potential of every single person and our work revolves around realising that potential.

Residential Rehabiltation Program


Addiction is a battle that many individuals live with everyday and struggle to overcome. In response to this growing issue, we offer a residential rehabilitation program for male adults that is drug, alcohol, and tobacco free. Our rehab program, which runs for 12 months, aims to help individuals address the underlying behavioural, emotional and spiritual problems in their lives thereby helping them to overcome their addictive tendencies. 

It is important to understand that addiction is not a simple and straightforward issue and that the problem is not the individual’s drug of choice. Addiction is the manifestation of a combination of several problems in a person's character and these problems must first be addressed before one can become free from their addiction.

Structured around Christian values and principles, the program helps individuals to instil a sense of control and discipline into their lives with specific times for waking up, meals, meetings, work assignments, bible studies and recreation. This balanced regime creates a positive framework that helps participants to change their old patterns of behaviour and teaches them how to successfully live their lives free from addiction.


Social Work


Another area that we’re passionate about is social change. The idea that we’re here to serve others is something that has consistently been part of Remar’s philosophy and is something we regard very highly at Remar Australia.

Through the creation of business ventures and the generous support of the wider community and our organisational family, we’re able to raise funds towards sustainable development projects run by our sister organisations in South Africa, Swaziland and Mozambique. In addition to this, we also fill and ship containers of humanitarian aid to the region.




In addition to our other work, we also run a warehouse opportunity shop in Pakenham with 100% of the profits being used to support the rehab centre and the social work we conduct overseas. Not only do we provide great quality products but you can be sure that the money you spend is being used to create real change both here and beyond our borders.

We believe that even the smallest of actions can make a huge impact, so every purchase you make has the potential to change a life!




A renovations and home improvement company for change.

Not only do 100% of the profits from the jobs we take go towards supporting our residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre but it also serves as a natural progression for participants in our program to gain new skills and trades in anticipation of their integration back into society. Services include:

  • Carpentry Work
  • Painting
  • Gardening
  • House Cleaning