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Remar Australia is a Christian charitable organisation dedicated to providing practical help to the most vulnerable in society. We work with individuals, families and communities to overcome addiction, poverty and injustice.


Our vision is to see lives transformed and relationships restored by the power of God, so that they can then reach out to others in similar situations.



As an organisation, we are passionate about seeing lives transformed and communities flourish. We work primarily with individuals suffering with problems of addiction and provide a long-term residential rehabilitation centre where these individuals can turn their life around.

In addition to this work, we also raise funds for social development projects and ship humanitarian aid to South Africa, Swaziland and Mozambique.



REMAR is a Christian humanitarian organisation that first began in Spain in 1982 and can now be found in over 60 countries around the world. REMAR rose in response to the Spanish drug epidemic of the 1980's, focusing on the groups that had been marginalised by society. More than 30 years later, REMAR now fights against poverty, substance abuse, injustice and the conditions that contribute to these issues. REMAR is dedicated to helping those who have been forgotten by society, transform their lives around and find purpose in their work and personal lives.


REMAR’s work is largely dependent on the conditions of the country it operates in and the services it provides reflect society's most pressing issues:


In impoverished regions REMAR works to improve the living conditions of children, families and communities by providing for their basic needs (food, shelter, health & education). In conjunction with this work, it also helps to establish self-sustaining development projects with the aim of changing the structures that contribute to the perpetuation of poverty.

In countries with higher socio-economic levels, REMAR works primarily with individuals struggling with drug and alcohol addiction and other vulnerable groups within society. It is our belief that through support, acceptance and spiritual development, every person is capable of changing their life and circumstances around.