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What does REMAR mean? REMAR is an abbreviation of a Spanish phrase that means “REhabilitation of People on the MARgin of Society”. REMAR in Spanish means to row. The overall picture is of a fishing boat putting out into deep waters with Jesus Christ on board. The nets represent the gospel, thrown overboard into the depths of society to bring in and care for those in need.
Why are cigarettes not allowed? Our aim is to eliminate all addictive behaviour, including nicotine addiction. We find that many people will substitute one addiction with another and not address the underlying problems.
What kind of medication can I take? If you are in need of medication for existing health conditions, it must be prescribed and it must be free of any stimulating or tranquillising effects (no benzodiazepines, amphetamines, sleeping pills, etc). Please seek medical supervision before stopping any medical treatment.
Can I use methadone/suboxone? No. We highly recommend that you go to a detox programme before admission to Remar, as you will not be allowed to take any medication to help with the symptoms of opiate withdrawl.
How long is the program? We recommend a minimum period of 12 months as it takes an extended period of time to change long-standing habits. However, we will accept people who wish to stay for a shorter period of time. The more time that an individual is willing to invest in their recovery, the greater their chances are of a full recovery.
What are the age requirements to enter the program? 18 years and older.
When can I receive phone calls? During the first two weeks, you will not be allowed any phone calls. After the two week period, you are allowed one phone call a week. Additional phone calls can be arranged on a case-by-case basis.
When can my family visit me? Family visits are only allowed after 4 weeks, depending on the individual's progress
Do you accept people on bail into the program? No unfortunately we do not accept people on bail but please feel free to contact us once you have been released.